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What is a Notary

A notary is a law school graduate who performs the profession of notary after passing the relevant exams. A notary draws up documents intended to prove the validity of agreements relating to three matters: planning and building regulation (property, transfer of property, auctions, parental donation) family law (cohabitation agreement, deeds of child acknowledgement, joint ownership contracts) and commercial law (establishment of companies). A notary offers advice to customers on all the issues for which they are responsible - drawing up an act or a contract is not always necessary.

The procedures followed by a notary are:

  • To listen to the customers who have contacted her, discuss their issues, identify all the parameters and propose possible solutions.
  • When the customer decides which procedures must be done, the notary gathers all the necessary information for carrying out the work that his customer has entrusted with.
  • Next, by using her expertise, the document is drawn up and sent to the interested parties.
  • After having read it carefully, the parties sign it and after checking the validity of the signatures, the notary signs it as well.
  • Then, she submits it to the competent authorities and she is responsible for the necessary procedures that follow – she also maintains the document in her office.