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The Notary

Συμβολαιογραφος Μαριανέλλα Αλ. Ιωάννου

Νotary Marianella A. Ioannou was born and raised in Aigio, Achaia, where she finished high school. She comes from a family of lawyers and her brother Nicholas A. Ioannou is an eminent lawyer who provides specialized legal services to natural and legal persons.

She is a graduate from the Law School of the University of Athens with postgraduate studies on Civil Procedural Law from the same university.

She speaks English and French.

For several years she worked as an active lawyer on a wide range of legal affairs in areas such as civil law, contract law, property law, family and inheritance law, corporate/company law, criminal law, commercial law, etc.

She was appointed notary in Athens, after exams, and her notary office deals with all types of notarial acts related to areas such as properties, companies, inheritance, family, proxies, contracts, affidavits, auctions, maritime - aviation, intellectual property, etc.



The archive of the office includes all acts by notary Agnes-Alice Kolliousi until 2013 when Marianella A. Ioannou was appointed notary in her position, in accordance with Article 128 of Law. 2330/2000 "Notaries’ Code" which defines the process of succession and delivery of Archives of retired - retiring – deceased Notaries to newly appointed Notaries. All of the predecessor’s contracts are kept in paper format in the notary’s office in order to directly serve the relevant operations such as issuing copies of contracts etc.


The notary office can undertake all types of notarial acts for any case within the country, with the only condition that the signing takes place in Athens. More information about the areas covered and the services provided by the notary, here.