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  • To what amount am I beneficiary of first residence tax exemption?

    For purchase of a house or apartment the exemptions are: a) unmarried: : Up to 200,000 € and b) married: up to 250,000 € (275,000 for married with at least 67% invalidity rate - this amount is increased by 25,000 € for each of the first two children and 30,000 € for the third and each subsequent child. For land purchase a) from unmarried: up to 50,000 b) from married up to 100,000 €. This amount is increased by 10,000 € for each of the first two children and 15,000 € in the third and each subsequent child.

  • How much is the real estate transfer tax on property sales & purchases?

    The real estate transfer tax has been reduced to 3% of the higher value (between objective and declared value).The resulting amount is increased up to 3% with municipal tax..

  • If we have not accepted the inheritance what happens to the properties of the deceased?

    The declaration of the registered right can be completed as a result of the acquisition cause even before the drafting and acceptance of the inheritance. The registered right is recorded in the land registry tables of display in the first registrations in the cadastral book, however, the recipient cannot make any use of this right before the necessary requirements are fulfilled (no. 1193 Civil Code).

  • What is the tax-free limit for acceptance of inheritance by the children and spouse of the deceased?

    The numbers are the same with the answer given to the previous question. However, in case of at least five years marital partners (concerning the spouse) or minor children, the tax-free limit is 400,000 € per recipient.

  • What is the tax-free threshold for acceptance of inheritance children and spouse of the deceased-the deceased?
    The scales are the same as the answer given to that question proigoumsno. But if the marriage at least five years (with respect to the spouse) and if the children are minors the tax-free limit is 400,000 per beneficiary.